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Located in Cascade, Colorado

Ute Pass Trading Company (formerly Ute Pass Rental & Feed) is a family owned business and has been serving your local community since 2001. We now carry plenty of hand carved bears, outdoor furniture, aluminum lawn art, as well as rocks and gems and gifts. Plus, we can make you custom wooden signs!

We also sharpen chainsaw chains and sell the very best dog, cat, horse, and bird food that you can buy. Furthermore, we offer high quality water tanks, as well as refill propane bottles. Come on in and check it out!

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Vote Bentley for Mayor of Divide 2018

Small Engines Maintenance & Repair in Cascade, Colorado

What is this?

TCRAS, Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, is a nonprofit organization. Being the only animal shelter within the county, they not only help animals from within the community, but from all over.

Divide, Colorado, where TCRAS is located, is such a small town that there is no true mayor. Due to this, TCRAS puts on an election every two years.

Who is Bentley?

Bentley is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. He is known for his kindness to all creatures. Some of his best friends include a cat, chicken, and many other dogs.

Everyday Bentley goes to work and always greets the customers at the door! Bentley has grown up working in his gift shop, so he knows what hard work is and is ready to bring that mentality into office.

Vote now! Vote often!

$1 per vote - All proceeds go to the shelter.

Vote for Bentley and help him achieve his dream of becoming Mayor of Divide 2018!

Vote here:

Election Sale!

We are having an election sale: anytime someone votes in store, they get 5% off all purchases

Our shop dog Bentley is currently running for the Mayor of Divide against 12 other candidates! It’s $1 per vote and all the proceeds go to TCRAS the only animal shelter in Teller County and it’s where Bentley and all of his siblings came from!

This shelter does so much for animals in the community, and from all over! This competition helps bring advertising to many small businesses in the community as well as help raise money for a good cause!